Privacy Policy



The following are NOT covered in the scope of this document. Dolfin Technologies can provide the services at an extra cost:

1. Revision:

  1. Product related research, photo search; photography is NOT covered in this scope.
  2. Dolfin Technologies will provide Server deployment only once. A repeat deployment would cost extra as Webistelicable.

2. License:

  1. Any scripts, Extensions, Licenses, Modules, Codebase etc. If need to be purchased in the course of development is NOT in the scope of Dolfin Technologies and the client will need to purchase the same and provide for integration implementation
  2. Any functional changes required during development stage due to design provided by client may lead to change request if exceeds 4 hours work.
  3. Cost of any PAID extension is NOT considered in total cost of the project and client will need to purchase and provide the same to development team before project starts.
  4. Sourcing of any 3rd Party API is NOT covered under the current scope of work.


The following are considered as risk factors for the project:

  1. The Webisteroval and sign-off this Specification document is crucial to the initiation of the Website development. Delay in the sign-off this document will cause a delay in the development start date and therefore could delay the overall finish date of the project.
  2. Delay in information like Design specifications, Subscribers details, Content, FTP and Database access with full rights etc. That directly hamper the execution of the project would directly impact the delivery.
  3. Designs have not been finalized/shown at the proposal stage – extra elements like JavaScript, Flash modules etc. If built during designing could hamper the project ballparks and costs and result the project delivery.
  4. Questions unanswered at the project start up may lead to change request if the requirement as understood by the team is not to specific requirement of the client.
  5. If there is delay in signing this document and the Open Source or Codebase version mentioned in this document is no longer available for usage – there could be a change request for any compatibility issues or customization difficulties faced due to the change in codebase version.


Important Assumptions:

  1. The client has provided a site map and schema with technical that has helped other documents provided by Client before or after Webisteroval of this document.
  2. Dolfin Technologies is not responsible for the development and/or operational performance of any 3rd party partners/tools as selected by Client.
  3. Client will provide for and do quality assurance to confirm features developed.
  4. Performance of the Webistelication depends on the hardware selected, bandwidth allocated, size of data and concurrent users.
  5. Logo / Branding / Designing are not a part of the project.
  6. The Webistelication is in single language – English.
  7. Client understands any limitations in 3rd party Webistelication will be deemed not in scope of this document.


  1. Total Project Time: As Per Mention in Quote (Days)
  2. Project execution will begin within 2 days of Webisteroval of the project.
  3. Any delay in Webisterovals, Artifacts and Project Requirements etc. Would affect the project execution and result in putting the project on hold after three reminders. Once a project goes on HOLD the production team will re-schedule and re-estimate the project plan.


Production Schedule & Terms

Dolfin Technologies will deliver your Website fully designed, programmed and developed within as Per Mention in Quote (Days)

  1. Creation of the concept for the Dolfin Technologies in question.
  2. Suggest a design or send PSD Design for the home page and a sub page.
  3. Suggest a Responsive layout.
  4. Show the layout and design of the page to the client Will Follow your Design Only.
  5. Get the client feedback.
  6. Doing the necessary modifications if any.


This idea being my 'original concept', should be solely You (Client) and not to be shared or let known to your other clients. Or else someone will copy my idea.

Non Refundable

Based on contract and finalize requirement Dolfin Technologies will work so after starting date of work u cannot ask for refund because its take Dolfin Technologies resources effort You (Client) cannot ask refund based on time line even Dolfin Technologies team will give their best effort to finish the project on time but if it is delayed in that condition feedback is very important so refund policy will not Dolfin Technologies on this.


*Dolfin Technologies will provide maintenance and Support after the Warranty period is over under the following terms and conditions.

  1. The Bug / Request will need to be submitted to Dolfin Technologies by Email.
  2. Each Bug / Request will be given a priority by the client.
  3. The priority levels would be High, Medium or Low.
  4. Dolfin Technologies will take a lead time of 24 to 48 hours to revert back on the task status depending on the priority defined by the client.
  5. High Priority will be attended first, Medium next and Low as lest level.
  6. High Priority will be attended before and even during attendance to a Low priority task. I.e. if the developer is working on a low priority task and receives a High priority task, he/she will stop work on the low priority one and attend the high priority task.
  7. Only one developer will work at a time for the maintenance and support.
  8. In certain complex cases – Dolfin Technologies may not be immediately be able to rectify or support on ASAP basis due to technical reasons and the client needs to understand the same.